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AKTUELL: Wednesday, January 13, 2021

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Contact: Andrew Burg
geboren: Andreas Burg
38518 Gifhorn
Niedersachsen, DE

Germany: 01525.186.5320

USA: 352.462.4446



My Grandfather, Opa Paul Tittko, passed away the same year that I was born, in 1958 --- before I was born. He was born in Lohnau, Schlessien, Germany in 1895 (Lany, Poland, today). We never met. I wish he could see me now --- following in his footsteps. He was a lifelong teacher. In Selesia / Schlesien (now Poland) and in Gifhorn & Ilsenburg. My mother, as a child, went to school in the former East Germany in Wernigerode. I suspect that I was meant to follow in his footsteps as both a late-in-life "teacher"/instructor and in his former hometowns.

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Verben Konjugieren - English

Verben Konjugieren - Deutsch

German Language Tree Weblinks zur guten Webseiten
Bad Harzburg

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  Powerpoint PPS Class Lessons
2021 Jan 13
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  Powerpoint PDF Class Lessons
2021 Jan 13
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  American vs. British
2020 February 7
PPS Slide Show

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  American vs. British
2020 February 7
PDF Slides / Präsentationsfolien

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